Just as CRNAs are vigorous advocates for patient safety in the clinical setting, the AANA is an equally determined advocate for CRNAs concerning issues such as patient safety, access to quality healthcare services, scope of practice, educational funding, reimbursement, and many other legislative and regulatory matters in Washington, D.C. and across the country. As such, the AANA tracks state and federal legislation and regulation affecting nurse anesthesia practice, develops and carries out federal grassroots lobbying efforts, coordinates meetings with federal legislators and agency officials, testifies at federal and state legislative and regulatory hearings, and educates CRNAs and state associations regarding effective advocacy strategy and practice.
The AANA has also established the CRNA Political Action Committee (CRNA-PAC) to strengthen the profession’s voice in Washington, D.C. Funded by the voluntary contributions of CRNAs, and governed by a CRNA-PAC Committee comprised of CRNAs, the CRNA-PAC makes contributions to the federal political campaigns of CRNA-friendly candidates for the U.S. House and Senate, and to federal legislators particularly influential on healthcare issues important to CRNAs and their patients. Neither a Republican nor a Democratic PAC, the CRNA-PAC is the only PAC in the U.S. focused solely on advancing the interests of nurse anesthesia in Washington, D.C., and regularly ranks among the top 10 healthcare-related PACs nationally.
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